My name is Maureen McGurk and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor.  If you’re struggling with addiction, anxiety, co-dependency, depression, family problems, grief and loss, overeating/binge-eating, program gambling, or substance abuse, I can help you understand and change the painful emotions and behavior while developing new patterns and better ways to cope with your life.

Your first step would be to call and arrange for an initial consultation where we meet to determine if individual therapy is right for you.

I offer the following services:

  •             Initial Consultation
  •             Individual Therapy
  •             Professionally-led Support Groups
  •             Family Therapy and Education
  •             Referral Assistance

I work with individuals with the struggling with the following problems:

  •                         Addiction
  •                         Anxiety
  •                         Co-dependency
  •                         Depression
  •                         Family problems
  •                         Grief and loss
  •                         Overeating, binge eating & bulimia
  •                         Problem Gambling
  •                         Substance abuse